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After our meeting I felt a bit tired as you rightly delved into great detail into all of the critical areas necessary for matchmaking. Looking forward to the process and some great dates.Jim, Wicklow Hugh I was delighted to hear about your matchmaking service. Ms Monro had no idea about her father's heroics as he never spoke about his time in the Far East.It was only after sifting through hundreds of pages of hand-written letters and typed documents (inset top) of his time in wartime Hong Kong that she learnt of his ordeal.It's wonderful news.' Hairdresser Tina Singh, pictured, said she saw great grandmother Sheila Mc Ginty 'at the last minute' before a fatal crash in Greater Manchester last year and denies causing death by careless driving.Police in the West Midlands slapped a Skoda driver with a parking fine after the motorist parked on a stranger's driveway.Gary Searle, 44, (inset) has forgiven his partner Anastasia ­Pomiateeva (right) and says the trauma has 'brought us closer together' but refuses to extend the same forgiveness to his father.

Officers revealed on Twitter the catalogue of bad parking they were dealing with.There were cars left on zig-zags, white lines, close to the middle of the road and across entrances to homes.Anna Searle, 62, was found strangled at their £400,000 home in Stowmarket, Suffolk on December 30, after she found out Stephen Searle was having an affair with their son's girlfriend.We will be together for the rest of our lives, until we are old and grey'.They were all pictured together at youngest son Stevie's wedding day in 2012 (main picture), before Stephen Searle tore the whole family apart last Christmas.

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