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A more recent report says it’s going to be far, far bigger than that.

Perfumer & Flavorist cites a 2013 study by Global Industry Analysts which says the industry will “reach about .6 BILLION dollars in 2018,” a mere 4 years time!

Revenue at the perfumes and cosmetics business, which includes brands like Guerlain and Loewe, rose 3 percent to €3.7 billion.

K.; from best-selling fragrances in France and the companies which dominate that sector, to those in Germany.The article has an utterly fascinating reference to what seems like a backlash against Louis Vuitton’s gaudy, overly loud new bags.(Okay, it only says — quite diplomatically — that they aren’t “subtle,” but also talks about how LVMH is trying to deal with some of its problems by appealing to the super-rich, but it’s not having a lot of luck in China where sales are flagging.In addition, increased demand for youth-oriented, floral and exotic fragrances and celebrity perfumes will set the pace for rapid market expansion.Perfumes today have evolved into a mainstream business in the cosmetics, and personal care industry.

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