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You can add emojis, draw, add captions, send GIFs — it’s basically an encrypted Snapchat now, has some attractive features for sending nudes.

You can choose to share things only with a specific contact in the “Status Privacy” feature, which only effects posts you make after turning that on.

Driscoll urges parents to stay on top of digital trends, especially the ones that can put kids at risk."Our world is changing within a blink of the eye when it comes to this stuff," Driscoll said.The new Whats App status feature, announced in a company blog post, is a particularly good way to send nudes securely.Even with the most secure encryption, your phone itself is a weak link, so not only do you have to send your nudes safely, you and the recipient other have to take and store them securely as well.The app, which is formerly called Gaggle, uses GPS coordinates to help generate a list of schools in the area.Users then select their school and a news feed of posts pop up, supposedly from other students at the school.

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