Online dating disabled people

But they are inquisitive and often want to know – as soon as possible – whether or not you can ‘do the business’, so to speak, and actually have sex.

People assume that because your disabled your automatically incapable of having sex.

Even Steven Hawking can get an erection from time to time.

Dating someone who also has a disability Of course this dilemma wouldn’t apply in the same way if you were to date someone with a disability. Dating shows, such as The Undatables, have been attempting to break down preconceived notions people have around dating and disabilities.

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That’s like matching two people because they both have brown hair or the same colour eyes.Once your date knows your name, that’s it, they can Google you.Your ‘secret’ may already be out there for the world to see.You can manipulate photos, tell fantastic stories to impress people and just outright lie.But with Facebook and other social media sites, that doesn’t stop someone from searching online to make sure you’re not a raving lunatic who runs down the street naked in their mother’s pink, flowerily dressing gown.

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