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Through to the splendidly furnished Alexander Room (for entertaining people without a title) and onto the Mars Room, which is even more sumptuous and magnificent.Thence on to the Astraea Room (for diplomats), with its painting of the goddess of Justice, Astraea, the high-relief of the group of Heracles and the Provinces, followed by the largest room, the Throne Room, with its splendid floor, stuccowork, 46 medallions of the kings, furnishings, frescoes, and Throne.The luxuriously furnished New Apartment includes the Council Room, the Drawing Room, the Bedroom, and the Bathroom of Francis 11.The bath is a large tub in oriental granite; the Empire-style toilet in the centre comprises 32 pieces in marble.The high position above the sea and the consequent absence of a true sea promenade create its extremely original nature.In fact, the port, the Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, picturesque bays with a beach and the harbour, are reached by steps and narrow alleys, which offer panoramic views of incomparable beauty of the coast, the surrounding hills covered in olive-groves and citrus fruit trees, and the crystal-clear sea.The visit begins with the Galleria and continues with the Staircase and the enormous statue of Heracles, which was found in the Thermae o f Caracalla.Next comes the Vestibule, with its ornately decorated ceiling, and the Cappella Palatina, followed by the Royal Apartments, accessed through the Sala degli Alabardieri (halberdiers), with its stuccowork, decorations and busts of the queens and then by the lavishly furnished Sala delle Guardie del Corpo (bodyguards).

In the Museum Workshop, named so by his own founder, the architect Alessandro Fiorentino, are also explained the working technics, the materials in use, and the complete product process.Correale museum of Terranova The Museo Correale di Terranova The museum is housed in the 18th-century Villa Correale, surrounded by a magnificent citrus grove and with a terrace rising steeply above the sea.The exhibits, displayed on three floors of the villa, include paintings from the 17th to the 19th centuries and a wonderful collection of 18th-century Italian and European decorative china pieces.A pleasant quarter of an hour descent through lemon groves takes you down to the water’s edge (you can drive down too – there is a fairly cheap car park just above Marina Puolo).The settlement consists of a cluster of houses and apartments with a line of restaurants and a small hotel taking the beachfront position.

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