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I’m not proud to display these, but I think it is important to raise awareness at how desperate the situation is for some of us.After I arrived in Arizona, I was unable to wear any of the clothes I had brought with me.I made the 4-day trip wearing my bathing suit and shawl!What I have been forced to wear due to my severe intolerance of standard clothing materials.A local friend donated several shirts and pairs of pants to me that I was able to wear because she had spent a long time washing and offgassing them.

You might experiment to see what works best for you.I can even now tolerate some organic cotton pieces, which I could not before.I’m not sure why the sea salt is necessary, but two people with severe reactivity to fabrics recommended it to me.The shirt on the left was turned upside down and used as pants when I no longer tolerated any of my sweatpants or leggings last winter.I tied the arms up as they shredded from use, to create a “socks” effect.

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