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Then they would have immediately demanded he resign, It was a another No win situation for Mr. So what do all of you dimwits calling Trump a traitor think he should have done?You so called peace loving leftists sound like you wanted him to start WWIII. I have yet to hear what any of you assholes think he should/could have said that would make any difference at all.Oswego Imagine these government proposals A.3315 Create an independent ETHICS Committee, A5864 Public Officers Accountability Act creates a new crime for failure to report corruption, A5657A Economic Development Transparency Act Prohibits state grants or funding an entity or individual who donated to their political campaign within the past year, wow these people must have studied Oswego government.Barclay also says " ethics have never been as big of a concern to voters because they are more concerned about taking care of their families, paying their bills making a living but if people are outraged, there's always one way to create change," that proves it, he has been to Oswego!!!!!!!July 18/18 Liar Liar It does not surprise me not one iota that the "Trumpster" has yet lied once again.Does he really think that people are that dumb to believe that while he stood there with Putin next to him that he actually meant to say in reference to Russia meddling in the elections "I don't see why it WOULDN'T be Russia meddling in the election". Just watched the Helsinki conference with Putin and Trump!!!!!

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Take the 4 biggest crooks out of here (B, P, A, and K) and just maybe the city can redeem itself.

We do not need nearly four more years of this stupidity!

July 18/18 Trump/Putin The Democrats and Media (one in the same) expected President Trump to stand on a world stage and say that Russia changed the outcome of HIS election, thereby stating Hillary really won.

Wake up Republican Congress and do your Job that you are being paid to do! Putin plans are for us to lose all our allies so that he can come to them with open arms and a smile and say "Come on over and join forces" July 18/18 re: Cop Logs: Sheriffs Office 07/13/2018 Guess who the prosecutor will probably be.

ANOTHER DRUNK ADA JUNE 2, 2005 Oaks rehired him in 2012 to prosecute welfare fraud. July 18/18 "Putin's Poodle" After the display that "Putin's Poodle" put on Monday at the Summit it is time fellow Republicans to either get on board with the United States of America or fall to Russia along with "Putin's Poodle" you do not need to eat out of his hand like our so called President Donald "Putin's Poodle" Trump does.

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