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If you’ve ever read or heard about ordinary people being sued for downloading files from torrent or other p2p networks, and worried about your own downloading activities, this program is for you.

Typically, agencies that are out to detect people’s downloading activity will actually take part in providing the file for download, then attempt to find out as much information about the computers that connect to them as possible.

A list of settings allows users to both customize their program's interface as well as its operations.

Until September 2013, I-Blocklist, the supplier of the blocking lists Peer Block uses, supported unlimited free list updating.

A site's "similarity" is determined by how well its tag signature matches the tag signature that is being searched for.

A 100% match means that it has the exact same tags in the exact same order, while a 0% match means it has no tags in common.

This works with all versions of Transmission and with all OSs.

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Users can download Peer Block from the official website.

A problem that users of Peer Guardian experience are crashes and several other issues which can be mainly attributed to the fact that the security software has not been updated in the last two years.

Peer Block is a fork of Peer Guardian that tries to address these issues.

How it works: What Peer Block does is it taps into publicly available lists that classify IP addresses in order to simply avoid “bad” IP addresses.

It utilizes the collective wisdom of communities and sites that classify IP addresses (go here for more on where these lists come from).

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