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Each collaborative session is a chatroom; clients sends their locally executed commands and cursor movements to the server, which relays them to all other clients in the same room.A typical flow of operation looks like this: Each command is logged on the server with a timestamp.Initial micro-benchmarking showed that porting to costed us about one half of maximum throughput: On a typical Core i5 CPU in 2011, the original Feersum Tatsumaki stack handles 5k request per second, while Express maxes out at 2.8k requests.This performance degradation was acceptable for our first Java Script port, as it wouldn't significantly increase latency for users, and we expect that it will improve over time.The in-browser Social Calc engine is written in Java Script.

Compared to intranet deployments, cloud-hosted instances offer better capacity and on-demand extension, but network connections from browsers are usually slower and fraught with frequent disconnections and reconnections.Moreover, the server has no way to validate the consistency of snapshots submitted by clients.Therefore, an erroneous -- or malicious -- snapshot can corrupt the state for all newcomers, placing them out of sync with existing peers.The initial rewrite went smoothly, because both Feersum and are based on the same libev event model, and's API matches closely.It took us only an afternoon to code up a functionally equivalent server in just 80 lines of code, thanks to the concise API offered by Zappa JS.

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