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He’s immortal, or at least he says he is, and he’ll be happy to teach you how to be, too. Mony Vital did other things before he was immortal. It is so accurate it can tell, on a scale of 1 to 100, how your organs are. He pulls up the numbers and a color diagram of a woman’s reproductive system, which he examines. But not to worry, Vital will now send out the correct frequency instructions. A white line scrolls back and forth across the diagram for two minutes. You know, it is amazing how accurate this system is, Vital says.Of course, it costs you anywhere from 0 (for six months of immortality) to ,875 (for lifetime immortality), but who, besides Mony Vital, can put a price on eternity? There was the 18-month period when he was a breatharian, and didn’t eat anything or drink even water, living instead off prana, or light energy. “The pee comes through here,” Vital says, pointing at the fallopian tubes. Once, a friend of his was driving home and thought she would stop at Mc Donald’s for a hot apple pie. One time, Vital says, he was in the Amazon rain forest, planting crystals at energy vortices.It prays for you in “millions of frequencies of prayers — they’re not religious, they’re just prayers.” And it channels and amplifies those prayers to you. That powerful.” But wait, you are saying, how can the Quantum Prayer System work for me? The program needs to ascertain your energy signature, for which it will need your date of birth, place of birth, home address, phone number and e-mail address. Later, Wow Guy rallies and asks if the computer’s frequencies can block the frequencies the government uses and if Vital knows what frequencies the government uses. “Nobody else in the universe has this energy,” Vital says. Well, Vital says, the government has this technology already. There are also chemtrails, which most people think are the contrails left by jet engines but are actually powders the government is dropping to experiment on you. “This is like science fiction.” “Being on the program will protect you,” Vital says. We can even imagine that your physicality could be recreated from a bit of your DNA, and other technologies could then fast forward your regenerated body to the age of your traumatic death, where a backup file with all your experiences and memories would be implanted in your brain.Even the dead may be resuscitated if they have undergone the process of cryonics—preserving organisms at very low temperatures in glass-like states.We also know that certain jellyfish and bacteria are essentially immortal, and the bristlecone pine may be as well.There is no thermodynamic necessity for senescence—aging is presumed to be a byproduct of evolution —although why mortality should be selected for remains a mystery.

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In this video Ray Kurzweil discusses his predictions about radical life extension, singularity, life expansion and the imminence of physical immortality.Both have argued that the exponential growth of computing power in combination with advances in other technologies will make it possible to upload the contents of one’s consciousness into a virtual reality.This could be accomplished by cybernetics, whereby hardware would be gradually installed in the brain until the entire brain was running on that hardware, or via scanning the brain and simulating or transferring its contents to a computer with sufficient artificial intelligence.Average life expectancies have tripled since ancient times, increased by more than fifty percent in the industrial world in the last hundred years, and most scientists think we will continue to extend our life-spans.We know that we can further increase our life-span by restricting calories, and we increasingly understand the role that telomeres play in the aging process.

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