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From Right to Left: Design Director | Assuming Direct Control: Scott! ZORENCOPTERS WILL STAY KATANA Stance (Katana "Nirvana?

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Time to prepare and plan defenses Pv E against a clan's Orokin Tower; NOT PVP. Pirate theme gave it some depth Playstyle: hybrid caster/tank, all-round (even stealth) So many dangly bits! Potential practice range With other weapon equipped, "quick strike" function still works Equipping melee weapon: E for attack, zoom becomes block Parrying changed: more mobility while blocking, less expensive to perform End of combos have effects: sword light combo increases slash proc, sword heavy combo does radial blast, bo-staff combo finishing move CRIMSON DERVISH STANCE: Heavy stance One-handed, Bo-Staff, fist, Heavy weapons animations Stamina builds will help with melee performance (blocking) All melee weapons will be useful!

") Map overhaul new tiles (7 new garden rooms coming: Glass Panel Garden, Trophy Room, Lantern Garden, Observatory, OROKIN LAB) Trophy Room center statue changes to match highest ranked player based on clan challenges Observatory may have HUB functionality later down the line ("Update 38 in 2016! "How you clan or alliance will participate in the new BADLANDS mode." Solar Rail requirements CANNOT scale with small clans, must Alliance Pablo and Dorian finished the design!

Pulls random codex entries (no more "Loki is a good advanced frame!

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