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I haven’t asked anyone else via Power Point, but I can’t say I never will.

This is the result of an extensive study on the users of dating apps like Tinder, OKCupid, Zoosk and others.

My friends found respite from my misery when I met “Jack,” a handsome, Southern physicist with a sardonic sense of humor and mother issues for days. Jack had a knack for whipping up fun, creative date ideas, and after so many times on the receiving end, I wanted to return the favor. With apologies for being noninclusive, I use gendered, heteronormative pronouns here.

I think it’s important that women get inspired to ask out men, and straight women tend to have less practice in it. My goal with these first slides was to thank Jack for the time and effort he put into previous dates.

He's also "not the worst at sex." Dixey says he's had "quite a few old matches" pop up to let him know that his profile went viral and asking him to "remember them" when he's famous.

But, old matches aside, Dixey says the presentation has helped his dating success.

The presentation begins with a slide entitled "I have friends and do things outside." "As you can clearly see from the visual aids, I have friends and go places. Slide number two lists things Dixey enjoys doing, including talking about his feelings, Dad jokes, dominos, laser tag, and long walks on the beach.

We often forget the profound power of expressing that we understand each other, even if it’s only an understanding of each other’s interest in cat cafes.And, to his delight, this strategy proved hugely successful.21-year-old Sam Dixey's Tinder profile was spotted by Gracie Barrow, who found his "10/10 effort" charming.To quote Sherwin Nuland: Obviously I ended my date proposal Power Point with a date proposal. In conversation, there are a million ways to hedge direct language and suggest what we want instead of explicitly asking for it.If I had asked Jack out in person I probably would have used the crutch of “Maybe, we can, like, hang out this Friday?

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