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(This often happens to "memes" of human language and culture; which don't enjoy the lawful, particulate transmission of genes.) The word "paradigm" is now often used inappropriately — especially in the US — to mean any experimental procedure such as "The Stroop paradigm" or " A reaction time paradigm" or "f MR paradigm".However, its appropriate use has shaped our culture in significant ways; even influencing the way scientists work and think.Health care reform will make a difference, but the difference will be smaller than it appears when you focus on it.

Let's not give the defeatist answer and blame it all on stupidity.When you focus on education you neglect the myriad other factors that determine income.The differences of income among people who have the same education are huge.If all schools taught their pupils how to do a double-blind control experiment, our cognitive toolkits would be improved in the following ways: 1. Do you need language — including words — for sophisticated thinking or do they merely facilitate thought?This question goes back to a debate between two Victorian scientists Max Mueller and Francis Galton.

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