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The goal is for more women to become future leaders in the country's growing IT sector.

"Love, fire, cough, scabies, gout cannot be hidden" — so an old German saying goes.

The German Cabinet has given the green light to a plan to subsidize jobs for people who have been jobless for years.

The project, dubbed "social labor market," could help tens of thousands of people.

The Nicaraguan government called the resolution "illegal, illegitimate and unfair." NATO has been forced to reassert its collective defense clause after Donald Trump raised doubt over the US' commitment to defending Balkan partner Montenegro.

The US President described Montenegrins as "very aggressive." Hungary will not sign the UN's first compact on global migration, after all UN member nations except the US approved the draft to be signed in December.

The boys were saved in a risky three-stage rescue operation by a team of international experts.The man who supplied a gun to the National Socialist Underground terrorist group has been set free on bail, having served two-thirds of a 10-year sentence.The German neo-Nazi scene had campaigned for his release.Germany's top diplomat said international policy making is burdensome when the US president's words have a "half-life of 24 hours." Maas said he was unconvinced by Trump's attempts to backtrack on his Helsinki remarks.The Organization of American States expressed "energetic condemnation" over the continued violence and urged for new elections in 2019.

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