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We have one of the largest concert ticket selections online and offer a wide range of choices, from cheap discount seats or last-minute deals all the way up to top-notch premium seating, for concert venues across North America.was established, and owned for it's entire existence, by Charles B. Photo from the Katherine Henry Benedict Album, UPHS Steve Wingate, formerly assistant Ranger for Ecosysytems Management, WMNF, who has studied the site and the photos, believes that the actual starting date might be about three years earlier, based on his interpretation of the vegetation in the photos.It appears that the Forest Service tried on several occasions over the years to purchase that East Pond site from the Henry family but did not succeed until 1994-it took over 70 years!

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It's main use then was as an abrasive, used primarily in silver polish.

We've found little certain documentation about the company. Charles Henry (who died in 1922) purchased about 12 acres of land, including East Pond, from Publishers Paper Co. In 1915, he sold that land to the Livermore Tripoli Co.

and in 1919, he bought the land back from the company.

One of it's major uses today is as a filtering agent in water purification systems, food processing and beer brewing.

It was also apparently used in the As can be seen in the photos, the mining enterprise was fairly extensive. The diatomaceous earth was dug from East Pond and transported to the mill complex, adjacent to a railroad siding, probably as a slurry, through a 4" pipe raised on standards.

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