Rihanna and the dream dating

She helped make ends meet by working a cash register and selling clothes in a stall on the street.

Rihanna was now the primary caretaker of her youngest brother, but she also nurtured her love of music.

Soon after, the group arrived at Evan Rogers’ hotel suite and waited nervously in the lobby.

Rihanna fidgeted while deeply regretting her fashion choice of pink capris with a pink shirt.

Rihanna wore her sleek raven tresses in a neat middle-parting and tied back in a ponytail.

A pair of large hooped earrings hung from her ears, and while she may have sported a casual look she wore a glamorous full face of make-up.

After years of bullying and witnessing her father’s abusive behavior, Rihanna refused to appear vulnerable to anyone – an attitude she upholds to this day.

At 15, Rihanna formed a musical trio with her classmates.

He co-wrote Britney Spears' hit "Me Against the Music" from her album In the Zone.At 14, her parents divorced and she was finally free from her crippling headaches.But now her mother had to work full-time, meaning Rihanna had to grow up fast.Then -- 3 minutes later -- Chris Brown shows up and walks inside. We don't know if Chris and Rihanna interacted or if it was really awkward, but watch the video and judge for yourself.There's no sign of Rihanna's new BF, soccer star Karim Benzema.

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