Saphire elia and matthew thomas dating

He cannot make up his mind, so both girls dump him, but still consider him as a friend.

Hailing from a small town and a close-knit family, Lauren initially feels lost amongst the huge personalities at the school.

The cast, however, are of the opinion that Britannia High is, "Something new and it's British." Britannia High was based on an idea by Strictly Come Dancing choreography judge Arlene Phillips and theatre impresario David Ian, who were both executive producers for the show.

It was developed by producer Gareth Philips for ITV Productions in Manchester.

Claudine begins dating Danny at the end of episode 6, after revealing to Danny that her mother abused her as a child, but their relationship ends during the finale.

He's a genuine, down-to-earth guy with a passion for performing, who also has dyslexia.

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