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This story reminds me that American Horror Story is coming back in October, (there’s no definite return date yet), and that venerable lead actress Jessica Lange will be back.

I’ll save some mild spoilers for the end of this post, and let this be a warning that you shouldn’t read further if you want to avoid them, although they won’t ruin it for anyone.

She says she loves whoever [sic] she loves, and Sarah makes her really happy.” [From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 3, 2012] Good for them.

The age difference seems a bit much to me, but 37 is not 27, and Paulson is a grown woman. Paulson wasn’t on my radar prior to AHS, but she was superb at playing creepy and foreboding.

It was really transformational to realize, ' God, I had it all wrong.' Most people did.

with Susan Sarandon and Murphy regular Jessica Lange playing Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, respectively,in the anthology series about history’s most infamous rivalries. Paulson has never won an Emmy in four previous tries and this year, she’s up for two.

Do I have to write a sign that says ‘Equal Opportunity Employer?

’”Her on-screen characters have also refused to be cast in a convenient mold.

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“Eventually, their friendship blossomed into love.” According to the source, Sarah, 37, who formerly dated Tony winner Cherry Jones, has had a crush on Jessica since 2005, when they appeared on Broadway together in “The Glass Menagerie.” “Jessica’s always been a free spirit who doesn’t like to put labels on people.Turns out she was asked to write out the text and it was copied to a tattoo. She said “Then I think, God if I had to put that pantsuit on every day for six years, I'd be really tired of it.I'm saying that because I've had such an extensive costume life on .You might know Sarah as the creepy clairvoyant friend of Jessica’s character, Constance.The way this story is worded makes it unclear whether Lange and Paulson were already together when they worked on American Horror Story. Lange was previously in a long term relationship with actor Sam Shepard, they were together for almost three decades, have two children together, and separated around 2009.

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