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We had discovered that we had to create what was essentially a giant vacuum tube with a cathode and plate arrangement to make all this happen.

Then we had to invent an Class A amplifier, in our digital age Class A amplifiers were almost a forgotten thing these days, we wanted fidelity not a sample of it.

This was 2010 when everything was LSI, DLSI and now UDLSI.

With the advent of Large Scale Integration, the day of individual discrete components, transistors, diodes and such was just about over.

Maintaining that high energy plasma and vacuum had been one of our main problems on this Project.

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Our laser did this in a very fast effective controlled manner, which was the key to the transmitter part of our Project.Well you could, but he would arrive at the other end technically dead.Even if we were able to get our receiver to another planet our traveler would arrive on the platform years latter dead.This receiver made use of a screen grid array and acted as an advanced version of a 3D printer in some ways.All this technology was dependent on an absolute vacuum and lots and lots of sheer raw energy.

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