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The big tabloids have uncovered the name and photos of the woman at the center of Secret Service sex scandal and more unflattering details have emerged about the agents who have already been dismissed.

Supervisors David Chaney and Greg Stokes have been identified by their lawyer as two of the three Secret Service employees who have been ousted from their jobs at the agency.

Both are high level employees with long careers in the service.

(Chaney's father was also a Secret Service agent under Lyndon Johnson.) Chaney was allowed to retire prematurely while Stokes has been told that he is fired, but will be given an opportunity to appeal.

They were escorted to a nearby taxi stand by police officers who’d responded to the ruckus in the hotel hallway.

Once they got into the taxi, Suarez and her girlfriend talked about their misadventure.

When the party ended around 4 a.m., two couples headed for the Hotel Caribe, an imposing castle-like structure facing the Caribbean, two miles from the club. Whether investigators have requested hotel video and copies of identification cards the women presented at the reception desk isn’t known.

The couples’ encounter at one of Cartagena’s hottest nightspots set the stage for the still-unfolding prostitution scandal that’s snared 12 U. Secret Service agents and a dozen members of the U. Ana Beatriz Angel, a Caribe spokeswoman, declined to discuss the matter. The Secret Service acknowledges that it’s checking whether its employees consorted with strippers and prostitutes in advance of Obama's visit last year to El Salvador.

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objectification of women is a big factor when dealing with sex tourists." Colombia and neighboring Venezuela have the reputation of being countries with highly sexualized women – thanks in large part to the country's penchant for breast and buttocks implants, botox-inflated lips and long hair extensions. Immigration and Customs Enforcement went undercover last year in Cartagena to pose as pedophile tourists and assisted Colombian authorities in breaking up a so-called "pimp ring" that lead to the arrest of five people – including 20-year-old Miss Cartagena contestant Kelly Johana Suárez – accused of selling underage girls as prostitutes.

American officials have said the Cartagena affair was an aberration.

Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security, told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that the Secret Service’s Office of Professional Responsibility had received no complaints of agent misconduct in the last two and a half years, a period that covered 900 foreign and 13,000 domestic trips.

Prostitution is legal, or at least tolerated, in many nations in Latin America, but Colombia has earned the nickname of the "Thailand of Latin America" – and become the focal point of criticism and scandal.

Colombia – along with the Dominican Republic – has become the leader in the sex tourism industry of Latin America, thanks to its lax laws toward prostitution and seemingly endless supply of young women entering the business.

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