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Please go to QMUL Model Extra opportunities for further information on the non-credit bearing Model extra-curricular opportunities available. Assessment: 75.0% Examination, 25.0% Coursework Level: 5Timetable: Credits: 15.0Contact: Dr Steven Le Comber Overlap: None Prerequisite: None Corequisite: None Description: This is a basic marine biology course that covers the biology of the marine animals at the phyletic level.

For full explanation of the module information for Associate students, please refer to the Associate guidance notes. The course will equip the students with an understanding of the taxonomy, phylogeny and basic biology of species from over 20 invertebrate phyla that they will experience directly on the field course.

Please note: Credits: 15.0Contact: Dr Bob Janes Overlap: None Prerequisite: BIO171Corequisite: None Description: Prerequisites: Basic Biochemistry (SBS017). The module will also touch on some marine vertebrates (eg pinnipeds [seals], cetaceans [whales and dolphins] and birds).

This module covers a range of topics including: Chemical reactions - Biochemical logic. The module is entirely taught on a 10-day field course, with lectures covering functional morphology and evolutionary relationships complementing the practical work focussing on identification, classification, anatomy, ecology and behaviour.

However, relatively little is known about the genomic basis underlying phenotypic change.

A number of essays and other course will set and assessment for the module will be Coursework (60%) Final Exam (40%).Coursework will include formal lectures, extensive critical reading of primary literature (peer-reviewed publications) and extensive in-class contributions by students.Assessment: 80.0% Examination, 20.0% Practical Level: 6Timetable: Credits: 15.0Contact: Dr Jayne Dennis Overlap: None Prerequisite: any 2nd year genetics module Corequisite: None Description: This course will introduce personal human genomics.You will also look at resource patchiness, predictability and productivity as determinants of individual and social behaviour.Assessment: 80.0% Examination, 20.0% Coursework Level: 6Timetable: Credits: 15.0Contact: Dr Yannick Wurm Overlap: None Prerequisite: BIO221 (SBS633)Corequisite: BIO223Description: Research in ecology and evolution has addressed many important issues as empirical and theoretical levels.

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