Sex chat engines

Querying “child lover,” for instance, offers suggestions for “child lover pics,” “child lover guide,” and “child lover chat.” Given Google and Microsoft’s available technology and resources, and combined with their ostensible commitment, it’s hard to believe that these types of errors slipped through the cracks.A Google representative acknowledged that the company does sometimes miss things but says that it’s an active and iterative process to improve the algorithm and filter out shocking or offensive suggestions.In response, a Microsoft spokesperson commented that, “Sometimes seemingly benign queries can lead to adult content,” and consequently are filtered from autosuggest.By that logic, it would seem that “homosexual” merely leads to “too much” adult content, causing the algorithm to flag and filter it.Both algorithms are pretty good about letting through more clinical terminology, such as “vaginas,” “nipples,” or “penises.” , “Many governments impose some censorship in their jurisdiction according to content that is illegal under national laws.” So it’s not entirely surprising that, in order to head off more direct government intervention, corporations like Google and Microsoft self-regulate by trying to scrub their autocomplete results clean of suggestions that lead to child pornography. While you might think it wry that Google and Bing suggest completions for “prostitute,” the fact that Google also offers completions of “child prostitute” for “images” or “movies” is far more alarming.

As a reflection of what people are searching for, it’s perhaps a commentary on the content of video games that many of the suggestions for violent actions were about things like how to beat a boss in a particular game.Autocomplete is one of those modern marvels of real-time search technology that almost feels like it’s reading your mind.Thanks to analyzing and mining what millions of other users have already searched for and clicked on, Google knows that when you start typing a query with a “d,” you’re most likely looking for a dictionary.Initially it would appear Google is stricter, blocking more sex-related words than Bing. Instead of outright blocking all suggestions for “dick” as Google does, Bing will just scrub the suggestions so you only see the clean ones, like “dick’s sporting goods.” Sometimes Bing will rewrite the query, pretending a dirty word was a typo instead.For instance, querying for “fingering” leads to wholesome dinner suggestions for “fingerling potato recipes,” and searching for “jizz” offers suggestions on “jazz,” for the musically minded searcher, of course.

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