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It is obvious that buffalo milk has more fat and proteins so it will have more calories.So people who are on calorie restricted diet are again here advised to have cow’s milk to cut down the calorie consumption in the diet. Nutrient Cow Buffalo Human Water, g 88.0 84.0 87.5 Energy, kcal 61.0 97.0 70.0 Protein, g 3.2 3.7 1.0 Fat, g 3.4 6.9 4.4 Lactose, g 4.7 5.2 6.9 Minerals, g 0.72 0.79 0.20 If you look at the above composition of cow’s and buffalo’s milk, the values are close to each other, except for fat.Join free online chat rooms and chat with friends, meet new people and more.Choose from hundreds of online chat rooms, Joining a online chat rooms on in is simple and fun. If you're ready to start chat, you can join a Chat Rooms in just seconds.If you like our above article then you can subscribe to our newsletter. Again in another scene you showed me the vision of Paul and how he took your Word all over the then known world … In yet another vision, You delivered the prayer “bullets” and sequence on a white sheet of paper and ushered me into the company of your prayer eagles.So overall restrict your dairy consumption upto 400ml per day.

Due to high peroxidase activity, buffalo milk can be preserved naturally for a longer period.

Buffalo’s milk is high in fat % and is thicker than cow’s milk and hence called heavy.

As we know that a fatty food takes time for digestion and absorption and it stays in the stomach for a longer time giving us a feeling of heavy stomach or stomach fullness similarly buffalo milk has high fat and hence it takes time for digestion.

There are good number of Indians who have more than half a litre of dairy in thier diet Now what’s behind being heavy and light?

In Layman’s terms cow’s milk is understood to be very lighter and buffalo milk is considered to be heavy for digestion. But at the same time, milk is a very important part of the diet.

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