Sex dating in leland oregon

"If I was a high-risk sex offender and I had a choice between living in a SORNA-compliant state or a non-compliant SORNA state, I pretty much suspect where I'd go," said Capt.

Calvin Curths, commander of the state police criminal investigation division.

Also in the queue: More than 13,000 updated change-of-address or annual registrations.

The 12-person sex offender registration unit, which does the record-keeping but not enforcement, lost more than three-quarters of its staff this past summer to retirement and moves to other jobs.

All three men easily flouted the nation's mandatory sex offender registration law by moving from state to state without letting authorities know.

"Do you turn away someone who is coming to voluntarily register?Some places haven't had anywhere for sex offenders to register or they've limited hours because of their own staff shortfalls.Sex offenders in Oregon must register in the county where they live, but until recently at least three counties in central Oregon — Lake, Gilliam and Sherman — had nowhere for them to go.Plagued by significant staff turnover this year, they're still working to log in the names of more than 1,200 sex offenders who had to register for the first time since 2011, Curths said."We only have one person who is qualified to do that right now," he said.

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