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In Nauvoo, Green Flake lived in the home of the prophet Joseph Smith who had founded the church and later died a violent death at the hands of religious assassins. Flake was sent by his master with mules and wagons to help blaze the trail and to prepare the way for the subsequent arrival of his master and his family.

After arriving in Utah, Green Flake took a wife, who was the daughter of another black Mormon, and she bore him two children. Brigham Young was at the head of the pioneer band which inched west along the Platte River, reached Ft.

Karsh, whose pictures are worth a million Mc Luhan syllables, concluded: "' Engaging as are his mind and personality, I can remember little of what he said." The Nolan Ryans (of the" Mets' pitching staff) expect their one-hitter with an assist from the stork ... "21" manager Bruce Snyder's Mom hit the breezy jackpot: her given names are Edith and Fern and such last week were the names of two hurri-canes-in-a-row.

Second biggest eye-traction (to cutie Chris Evert) at the Forest Hills tennis tourney was Caroline Kennedy, barefoot ... In "The New Eroticism" tome, erstwhile critic Kenneth Tynan writes a hard core defense of hardcore pornography ... No recession at Bergdorf's: barber Jerry gets per male haircut; only if one of his tonsorial inferiors clip you.

"At best it's a substitute satisfaction, often trivial and transient. Goodman's so-called "Marriage Improvement Kit" consists of two booklets and folder: "The Seven Areas of Conflict in Marriage and How to Resolve Them"; "Marriage Success, Marriage Failure Which for You? Flake plowed and sowed his seed and then went to work building a log house for his master.

At it's worst, it's a worriment and a grief. " There have been some very touching movies of late, portraying with eloquence the meeting and parting of matrimonial-crossed lovers. In despair they often accept what they know they shouldn't, the advances of a married man. "Of all sad words of tongue or pen The saddest, are these, ' It might have been.' " These simple lines of the poet Whittier are a biography of a great many defeated women. " "Appreciate and You Prosper, Belittle and You Lose." For a set, write to him in care of this newspaper, enclosing 50 cents plus a stamped, long, self -addressed envelope. Feneli, Surrogate of the County of Cumberland, made on the third day of September 1971, on application of the undersigned executor of said deceased, notice is hereby given to the creditors of the decedent to bring In to the subscriber their debts, demands and claims against the estate of said deceased, under oath, within six months from the date of such order, or they will be forever barred from prosecuting or recovering the same against the subscriber. He built it on the Amasa Survey in Cottonwood which was the first settlement in Utah outside of Salt Lake City.

Hideaway with a telephone plugged into his table and ear ...

Glenn Ford's ex Kathy Hayes (touring with Milton Berle in "Two by Two") grumped to cast pals that all her charge accounts were cancelled soon as they split and she's wound up sans alimony or settlement. Steinfeld reversed the government policy, saying the health danger involved in swallowing or inhaling phosphate substitutes in nonphosphorus detergents outweighed the environmental danger of phosphate pollution. Ruck-elshaus, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, urged reconsideration of local and state antiphosphate laws and pledged federal aid for removal of phosphates at sewage treatment plants.

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Green Flake was in this group which pushed on and reached the valley of the Great Salt Lake on July 22, 1847. The nightclub-owning Jimmy Westons welcomed a baby girl.

The 2018 Hill AFB Warriors over the Wasatch Utah Air show promises to be an event of excitement, thrills, and breathtaking flying like you have never seen before.

See A salute to our historical air power, and the awe inspiring United States Air Force Thunderbirds.

Somehow folks expect to see Big Jim Farley dining luxuriously at "21" or the Colony but he lunches almost daily at the counter of the Lantern Coffee Shop on E. At times the Mass is little more than fashionable Kitsch ...

a pseudo-serious effort at rethinking the Mass that basically is, I think, cheap and vulgar ...

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