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Edit: And i have to add my review about the longevity, this is a MONSTER. With a longevity and sillage like this, i'll give this perfume 10/10.Second review: Ed T vs Ed P vs Body Lotion So I loved the Ed T so much, I went out and bought both that and the Ed P.The central note of the composition is mysterious gardenia, fresh, sensual, luminous and creamy, reproduced by 'headspace' technology,. When I first smelled it on the paper i completly loved it. I decided to buy it online but when i tried it on my skin i couldn't enjoy it. My version (edt) seems to lack the creaminess of the store one. that's so sad because i really loved the old version like nothing else.

Didn't get any specifically indentifiable sandalwood, so it probably got lost in the general wash of gently-spiced sweetness. After that it would sometimes smell like Guerlain Samsara, other times Soap. It reminds me of The Body Shops Piñita Colada.(Pineapple & Coconut). I’d say Crystal Noir EDP can be worn all year round including summer. The good thing about its synthetic nature is a quick and easy drydown, after which it's quite pleasant.

At parfumonet the EDP version still matches the old version ingredients.

There are a few scents I just can't seem to smell and this is one. Everyone says this is sexy so it's a shame I can't smell it.

I can smell it from all the way there, it smells really nice". With a massive smile on my face ;) this thing projects like a MONSTER! She's beautiful, she's different & she'll always have a place in my collection.

Blind buy the edt version, coz some reviews say the edt is more coconutty, and i love coconut in perfume.

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