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Amid rising tensions, Alice breaks her vow of secrecy to the Knights of the Golden Circle (not that she was good at keeping secrets anyway) and reveals that what happened to the captain was part of a mission that got out of hand.

With a bit of downtime on their hands, Mansion House besties Jed and Samuel make a trip to the Foster family plantation to deliver a prosthetic leg to Jed’s brother, Ezra.

They began to point fingers every which way for the family’s downfall and even placed blame on the always-loyal Belinda, who supported them through thick and thin. Later, James expresses his disapproval of Jane’s decision not to reprimand Belinda for walking out during the Pinkerton Panic, but Jane, having been raised by her, defends Belinda as a member of the family. Well, since we’ve learned that you do not want a Green to do covert work for you, Emma gets caught being a snoop and realizes she has interrupted the magic but doesn’t wait around for introductions.

I mean if we had to vote anyone off the island here, it would be Alice, right? However, Belinda later reveals to both Jane and Emma that the mystery man, George, was an enslaved person she fell in love with years ago.

So in case you were looking for any April Fool’s Day pranks…11.

Salt bae When Jane hears the news of Alice’s extracurricular activities, she has a stern mom-to-mom talk with Tom Fairfax’s mother. Fairfax notifies the Green family of a new search warrant Pinkerton has received for their warehouse. After Jed realizes how stubborn he’s being, refusing to visit Mary should she not want to see him, he finally makes the trek to Boston.

Though there’s not much to find, Jane pulls Alice aside after she discovers a trove of letters “of the most lewd nature” from Captain Van Der Berg.

Learning the truth about Alice’s relationship with the captain, Jane conveys her disappointment in her daughter.

After all, he did kill a guy after their first kiss.When the war ends and slavery is abolished, she wants him to live that chapter along with other freedmen rather than witness it from the sidelines, letting white men and women tell his story for him.4.The Mission At home, the Greens lose their minds when Pinkerton receives a search warrant for their house.The celebration is full of dancing, merriment and GLANCES.Charlotte and Samuel also participate in the fun and finally solidify their relationship with a bit of handholding.

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