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It is illegal in most countries to kill tadpoles and frogs which are protected species.

If a frog or toad (or tadpole) is in pain and needs to be euthanised, you can take it to the vet, sodium pentobarbitone (the drug they use to kill cats and dogs) works on frogs as well.

Artist: Keir O'Donnell , Katheryn Winnick , Laura Breckenridge , Jessica Lucas , Tad Hilgenbrink Director: John Simpson , Gabriella Winkler Music Director: Marco Beltrami , Amy Kane , Mark Larry , Gary Gegan , Anita Cannella , Bryan O.

This article lists American films released in 2006.

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There are lots of local frog lovers who will take frogs away from where they aren't wanted and put them in places where they are wanted.

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