Taylor swift dating 3 guys

“It’s about a relationship that I was in,” Swift told the website for country channel Great American Country in 2007.“Just to set the record straight, it wasn’t with Tim Mc Graw.To me she feels emblematic of what's wrong with white feminism and celebrity in general.Plus, one of my exes used to talk about how hot she is all the time, and that sucked!I gotta start this piece off by saying that this was an assignment.Not only am I not a Taylor Swift fan — I actively dislike her.A decade into her career, Taylor Swift has established herself as one of the most successful singer-songwriters of her generation.Swift has always written about her life, but as her fame as bloomed, the subjects of her songs have morphed from random high school guys to incredibly famous celebrities, and fans have had more fun asking, “So who’s this one about?

He also isn't the only guys she's dated who lives with his parents, although Conor Kennedy was in boarding school most of the year, so that one may not count... He's Studied A Lot He isn't just resting on his good looks.They took all of the questions I asked pretty seriously, and gave me equally cryptic answers in return.These conversations tended to go on a lot longer, and I didn't really like it.A few dudes recognized my ploy almost immediately, or with a little Google research.Props to these guys for listening to popular music, I guess, but once my ruse was uncovered that tended to be the end of the conversation.

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