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A Teacher might make the pupil stay behind at break time to finish it off.Q A group of pupils joke and laugh when they should be getting on with their work. A The teacher might put them all in lunchtime detention but must make sure they will have time to eat.A Teachers are advised not to take a pupil's possessions by force but to report the incident.A more serious penalty should then be imposed, such as banning the child bringing the phone to school in future or a temporary exclusion.Q A pupil alleges that another has been bullying him by text messages.A Teachers can confiscate a mobile phone but should not search through text messages without permission.Q A local shopkeeper says that two pupils from the school were abusive and swore at him.

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A The teacher has the legal right to confiscate the player but to be lawful it must be "proportionate, necessary in a democratic society and in pursuance of a legitimate aim".

Taking the device and returning it at the end of the day would be a proportionate response but destroying it would not.

Q A pupil alleges that another one in his class is carrying a knife.

As for the texting, if it rises to the level of sexting then although there isn't a specific law on sexting yet in Indiana, the teacher could at the very least be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and again, the school system probably prohibits both sexting and overly familiar or inappropriate relationships between students and teachers.

None of the answers here would change whether the student was in the teacher's class or not.

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