Teen dating biological fear increases

and his theological research into the Torah and Talmud in presenting his documentary Why the Mid-East Bleeds.

And you thought the illuminati or ETs were the energy consumers.Remember they only engineered the biological body human suit and not our soul which is part of the Totality.What we learn from Maurice Cotterell and his Sun Science (that NASA is finally agreeing with) is that most of our challenges in the biological as well as ecological sense come from the Sun (and the other planets); which in turn are worsen by the controllers elitist etc.Unfortunately as we didnt/dont research and understand the narcissist aspect of ourselves and others it mutated into what is known as Political Ponerology , itself being what the controllers are, and thus, what our biggest threat is.(It leads to socio-pathy and then ultimately psycho-pathy, the one where they are willing to kill for what they wantsound like wars to anyone).

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