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Strauss suggests that men will learn their weaknesses and be confident about what they already have right, and are then further prepared to work on “hypnosis” techniques similar to those suggested by Ross Jeffries, or the more mysterious “inner game”.The Annihilation Method suggests hanging out with “natural” guys (guys who do not participate in the pickup artist community) who are “better” than you, for the obvious reasons: you will observe and learn their natural seduction techniques as well as benefit from proximity to more attractive or social guys.In other words, Strauss has demonstrated that seduction and excitement are both walks he can walk.If you know him as Style or Chris Prowles, then you may be familiar with his seduction and business style – the guy keeps to himself, releasing his thoughts on seduction to ultra small numbers of men, usually other members of the seduction community.This group of students went on to feature some stars of its own, including one student who released the controversial “How to Fuck Strippers” book in 2007.

Rumors abound – Neil Strauss interviews The Strokes for over a week, hanging out with them at all times, engaging in all sorts of illicit behaviors.

Occasionally these fights have gotten personal, taking away what little credibility this community had in the eyes of many.

Regardless of what you feel about pickup artists and their community, The Game is a fascinating window into their world.

The difference with Strauss is the assumption that he has lived the life he advertises.

All the mystery of his Method is mirrored by the mysteries of his life. How did he get Jenna Jameson to open up to a stranger in such detail?

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