Tips for updating house

Feel free to take a page out of Wright's design — open the floor plan of your old Victorian without bringing down the house.Find extra storage space in the nooks and crannies of your Victorian home.Use this checklist as your guide: Living in an old house presents a difficult choice.Should you preserve the historic accuracy of your home?Your family may prefer to have a home office and a large master bedroom suite.

All Victorian-era homes are not huge, rambling, ghost-infested structures.If you add a dormer, build it onto the side or back in order to retain the original facade.Look closely at plans and elevation drawings of any addition.Instead of open spaces, you may find a series of small rooms connected by a maze of hallways and doors.Old-house remodelers are often tempted to remove walls and enlarge small Victorian rooms. Many interior walls in older homes are load-bearing.

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