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"It's the geography part that's often missed," said Jak Koseff, head of DEVELOPING TALENT To change that, Harambee sends young recruiters - who it calls "feet on the streets" - into deprived townships and collects contacts of young people hoping for jobs.

It then invites some into its offices for a day to gauge their interests and skills, test their analytical thinking, and help them create an email account and CV.

Many poor people still live in townships purposely built far from urban centres, and with little access to cheap public transport.

They have few prospects of finding work they can reach, or teaching their children how to get it.

"Someone might offend you but you can't fight with them and you can't cry." Candidates then wait to be called for an interview when one of the 425 businesses Harambee partners with - from Nando's restaurants to Microsoft and Standard Bank - come looking for chicken-grillers or a front-desk clerk, Nke said.

In some cases, transport costs will put a worker into debt, he added.In South Africa, a record 5.5 million young people are searching for work unsuccessfully, many living in slums far from big employers.But one day a friend mentioned to Ngwato he had found work through Harambee, a South African "youth employment accelerator" that links talent-hungry businesses with promising poor kids.Browse our Filipina woman gallery to find the featured Filipino women and make your Filipino dating a success.Young people looking for jobs and career advice gather at the Gauteng province Youth Jobs, Careers and Entrepreneurship Expo outside Johannesburg, June 15, 2018.

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