Type of guys to avoid dating

Remember, not everyone will come into your life ready-made, but there’s a difference between dusting off a diamond and fighting a battle you’re never going to win.For related content, check out our Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating site here!Mama’s Boys expect their girlfriends to cater to them endlessly and they never understand why that would be a problem.Most women realize that instead of trying to raise the man over again, it’s better to leave the parenting to his indulgent mother. Right In all fairness, these guys aren’t all bad and maybe they just need a patient partner to come in and show them the light.

It’s not that they’re bad boys or heartbreakers; they’re just not commitment material. There’s just not enough room for a person of the opposite sex.

When it comes down to it, this guy has control issues. Gadget The gadget guy is always toting the latest toys for big boys.

He has the hottest phone, a high-speed boat, a decked-out luxury car, and the newest Harley (for those weekend drives).

This adolescent-adult has problems holding onto jobs and is more interested in living the life of a fraternity brother than making a serious commitment.

Women are inclined to ditch The Man-Child until he grows up a little bit and learns to live life in the real world.

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