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Tanaka Koki Tanaka Koki, who is also now a former member, was the second “T” of KAT-TUN.

Sadly, he was terminated by Johnny & Associates due to a breach of contract. He himself wrote his rap parts for KAT-TUN songs under the pen name “JOKER.” Now, he is still active in the entertainment scene since he formed a rock band called INKT alongside Kei (guitarist), Mackaz (bassist), and Sassy (drummer and also was the band leader of High and Mighty Color).

Tanaka also writes for INKT under the name “KOKI.” Ueda Tatsuya Ueda Tatsuya was the “U” of KAT-TUN.

Aside from being a Johnny’s idol, he is also a singer-songwriter and a TV host. After Tanaka’s departure from the group, however, Ueda took the “T” of KAT-TUN for his name “Tatsuya.” Ueda is a huge fan of boxing and he also has an interest in track and field.

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His first single entitled “Hero” was released on November 2, 2016.He is not an idol anymore but is now a musician and singer-songwriter.Starting his solo career outside Johnny & Associates, Akanishi released two studio albums entitled “Japonicana” and “#Just Jin,” and two mini albums called “Test Drive” and “Mi Amor.” Aside from being a musician and a singer-songwriter, he is also active as an actor.One notable drama series for Kamenashi is the 2010 drama The Wallflower based on the manga Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (ヤマトナデシコ七変化♥ ).He was awarded Best Actor alongside Oomasa Aya (大政絢) who was awarded Best Supporting Actress.

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