Updating airline technology

We cannot fail to recall Forrester’s finding that customers expect easy engagement with them by companies in fostering their audience at every turn.

Collected data and deep analysis based on habits and preferences, previous experience, travel history and more allow using ample approaches to turn single-channel customers into omnichannel ones.

It’s gone a long way from that great day, civil flights became an ordinary thing, and there is a competitive market of air transport providers.

Today’s traveler expects from airlines far more than moving passengers from one place to another.

It suggests that people can’t imagine their life without digital technologies anymore.

Digital travelers expect a particular relevance to their personas with personalized advice, offers, and care in any form or via channel convenient for them.

Global trends conclude young travelers prefer to spend less time searching for good deals.

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Multiple service providers are hidden from their eyes.Its peculiarity is in flight connection option largely.Hybris is linked to flight searching systems which enable customers to immediately find and book convenient flight connections without being constrained by one airline company.As a result, a Customer Journey Map (CJM) will be more completed with touch points in the brand-customer communication and form the basis of an experience map.The SAP Hybris Commerce platform was enriched with travel accelerator in 2016.

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