Updating delphi gps maps

You find the samples in the public documents folder named “Routing Demo” in the folder with the “Web GMaps Demos”: Starting the demo as is, you are already able to add waypoints to the route by clicking on the map. You see, working with the component is really straight forward and there is no need to dive into the complicated REST API.Note that the component connects the waypoints using roads. The component abstracts from all of that and you can focus on the implementation of your features instead.

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Update Listbox; var i : Integer; item: TPath Item; begin lb Path.

In addition to letting you download new maps and content onto your device, it can also be used to back up device information like saved addresses and routes.

To download new data from Content Manager, make sure your Magellan GPS is fully charged, power it off and connect it to a computer running Content Manager with a USB cable.

Magellan uses a firmware application you install on your computer called Content Manager to manage updates.

When you plug a Magellan GPS device into your computer's USB connection, this application communicates with Magellan's servers to check for new updates and install them on your device.

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