Updating recordset

That previous poster was using linked Access backends.

Myself, I use the same code for SQL server and SQL Azure backends.

We have copied over our SQL Server databases to the new server for testing.

I created a new front-end (kept the mdb format) and imported all the objects from the old front end.

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And it's, presumably, the same DSN that you connect through using the Linked Table Manager or if you're creating the link from scratch? (That's important.) It sounds as if Access isn't picking up the primary key of the tables in question.Especially with SQL Server databases, you can have pre-existing implementations that you're linking to that you're querying a carefully chosen subsection.No offense to those who choose to - but it's much to heavy handed for me. Personally, I like the local tables list because I do not want to put all my SQL Server views/tables into the front end database.to assuming.) Iterating through that table and creating each table in turn.I use it based on filenames to attach to local SQL server tables for testing, the main server for production, or SQL Azure for experimental purposes.

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