Updating repository information warning failed to read mirror file

This can take chart archives and chart directories as input. This will produce an error if the chart cannot be loaded. --debug enable verbose output --home string location of your Helm config.Overrides $HELM_HOST --kube-context string name of the kubeconfig context to use --tiller-connection-timeout int the duration (in seconds) Helm will wait to establish a connection to tiller (default 300) --tiller-namespace string namespace of Tiller (default "kube-system") update charts/ based on the contents of Update the on-disk dependencies to mirror the file.Environment: $HELM_HOME set an alternative location for Helm files.By default, these are stored in ~/$HELM_HOST set an alternative Tiller host.

The dependency commands operate on that file, making it easy to synchronize between the desired dependencies and the actual dependencies stored in the ‘charts/’ directory.The format is host:port $HELM_NO_PLUGINS disable plugins. $TILLER_NAMESPACE set an alternative Tiller namespace (default “kube-system”) $KUBECONFIG set an alternative Kubernetes configuration file (default “~/.kube/config”) --debug enable verbose output --home string location of your Helm config.Overrides $HELM_HOME (default "~/.helm") --host string address of Tiller. --debug enable verbose output --home string location of your Helm config.The ‘version’ field should contain a semantic version or version range.The ‘repository’ URL should point to a Chart Repository. Starting from 2.2.0, repository can be defined as the path to the directory of the dependency charts stored locally. For example, --debug enable verbose output --home string location of your Helm config.

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