Updating us passport photo

I plan to go to the post office to see if I can get the passport renewed without his signature on the form but I want to know if the circumstances I list above will be acceptable to do so.Answer: If the father's name is on the birth certificate and you do not have sole legal custody of your son, then you cannot apply for a passport for him without the notarized consent of the father.

I applied and was denied because they want his permission.The courts are in the process of removing his name from the birth certificate.My trip is coming up quick and I don't know if the new birth certificate will be done in time.In addition to the application requirements, you need to present proof of immediate international travel. Answer: You a need a statement/letter that states that father provides his consent for a passport application. Question: If the father of my children is in Mexico, can I still have him fill out Form DS-3053 and have it notarized there? Question: What can happen if I use my son's birth certificate that doesn't show the fathers name?Regional agencies process applications in 1 to 8 business days. Will it be accepted or is there any other form needed when the parent is out of the country or out of the USA? But yet his father has the current one that shows him as the father. Answer: If a passport is issued to the child, the father may contest its validity and it could be revoked.

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