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SQL Server understands that it needs to refresh the view when editing it in the fancy view-edit windows in Management Studio, so why can't it just tell it's view to go refresh himself after editing the view through a script? Edit: Just ran this code (in succession) to attempt to reproduce your problem.Views need to be refreshed if the underlying tables change at all. I was, unfortunately, unable to, as it worked as expected (SQL Server 2008): create view My View as select Product Key, Product ID, Product Name, Price from dbo.That can change the datatypes of the view's columns or rearrange its indexes. Otherwise, you'd run a query against it, and it'd blow up pretty quickly. Products select v.* from My View v alter view My View as select Product Key, Product ID, Product Name, Price*100 as My Price from dbo.Products select v.* from My View v SCHEMABINDING Binds the view to the schema of the underlying table or tables.Also, the Viewsat package includes a manual, so be sure to read the instructions in it as using a free to air equipment has some differences from using an ordinary television antennae.The Viewsat Ultra Lite package is a solid product featuring a compact design that does not skimp on technical prowess, making it an ideal option for FTA enthusiasts.When SCHEMABINDING is specified, the base table or tables cannot be modified in a way that would affect the view definition.The view definition itself must first be modified or dropped to remove dependencies on the table that is to be modified.

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Aside from the powerful processor, the receiver also houses a 32 mb SDRAM that lets it handle functions such as scanning for channels and saving the firmware for your hardware.

Looking for a well balanced FTA receiver in terms of design and power?

Viewsat Ultra Lite features a compact mainframe with the adequate hardware capable of going toe to toe with other bulkier products.

I'm doing quite a lot of backend developing the past few days, and as we're working with central database scripts, I just write plain old SQL upgrade scripts, and execute them to the database.

Well fine and all, but why do have to write 'refresh view' scripts, and execute them every time I add or edit some fields to a view.

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