Updating your operating system stories dating in diapers

In fact, if you wanted to tackle either task you were bound for the command line.

For some new users this left their machines outdated or without applications they needed. Now Linux is exponentially more user friendly - to the point where so much is automatic and  that today's Linux hardly resembles yesterday's Linux.

Reboot your computer a final time once the installation of the upgrade has completed.

Again, this is the best method of starting from a known point in case you experience problems with your system.

Within the confines of this article you will learn how to keep your Linux system up to date.

In the process you might also learn how to install an application or two.

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An alternate to this is to copy the entire contents of your current windows directory into a new directory that you can store copies of the files in, until you are sure things are running properly on your new operating system.Make a new folder for the new operating system to be installed into.Normally the upgrade will be placed in the current windows directory.And through the process of updating a system, you should be able to tell exactly why this is the case. Ubuntu uses two different tools for system update: The Update Manger is a nearly 100% automatic tool.With this tool you will not have to routinely check to see if there are updates available.

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