Validating length of textbox in datagrid

In addition to the “state” change, a pop-up appears.When the pop-up appears screen readers should read the contents of the pop-up.The way I got this to work was: Hi Geoff Hardy, This is a good way to achieve that and there is no need to change it .As an alternative however , you may use the Editor Style property of the Grid View Data Column. The validatebox is designed to validate the form input fields.If users enter invalid values, it will change the background color, display the alarm icon and a tooltip message.

It flags invalid input by changing the box color, showing an icon, and displaying a tooltip detailing the error.The Text Box control has a useful property called Max Length which limits how many characters you can enter in it.There does not seem to be an obvious/simple way to do the same thing with a Grid View Data Column.The validatebox can be integrated with form plugin and will prevent invalid fields from submission.Defines the field valid type, such as email, url, etc.

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