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By the last decade of the 19 century the grand piano, like the upright piano, began to become a bit streamlined and simplified in design.

By about 1910, smaller baby grand pianos started to become popular.

century, American piano makers built and sold more square grand pianos than grand pianos or upright pianos!

The upright piano had evolved into a very simple basic design, becoming more utilitarian in appearance than ever before.They were as common in the household then as our big screen television is today!Thousands of song titles were available for player piano rolls, and rolls were sold by the millions.With the exception of period furniture styles like Louis XV and French Provincial, most upright pianos were without ornamentation or frills.Instead, plain square pillars and streamlined moldings resulted in a very “modern” looking upright piano which was considered “uncluttered” and “beautifully simplistic.” These simple-looking upright pianos were generally of excellent quality.

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