Who is ed norton dating now

They now have a son together, born in March 2013 when Robertson was 38 years old.

There is not a lot of information on the couple in the media, for Norton openly admits that he doesn't make use of social networks like other celebs do; 'I haven't personally really engaged in a lot of this new kind of social networking stuff like Twitter or Facebook or My Space.

On the power of Hollywood word-of-mouth alone, Norton had several serious film roles lined up before article, Norton exhibited his real-life loyalty by jumping to her defense.

Norton plays a lonely young professional who feigns illness in order to attend disease support groups and bond with others, until he meets Tyler Durden (Pitt), the founder of Fight Club—an underground group that discovers a cathartic release of aggression through brutal fist-fights.

The film became a cult hit, and officially catapulted Norton to the realm of A-List actors.

His grandfather passed away, and less than a year later, his mother died following surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Norton subsequently organized a screening of (1998) that earned him the second Oscar nomination—this time as Best Actor—of his relatively brief film career.

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