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This time, she said, it was her happily-ever-after.

She truly believed it and the couple was certainly happy for a long time. Jane and James had a private marriage and it is therefore not entirely clear what happened.

Singing the product's praises, Jane said: "After I’d used it for two days my trainer looked at me and said ‘have you had some laser work done on your body?

When she married David Flynn in 1981 it seemed to be a more successful union.

Apparently, in the lead up to their split, James had grown close to another woman and at some point Jane had had enough.

If another woman was involved, it was probably a sign for them that their marriage was indeed over.

"When I was first married it was expected if you were intimate with someone that would be the person you marry."She continued: "I’m still close to Matthew and Geoffrey and I adore them but if it was today’s world they’d have been a nice living together, dating experience but we’d have realised we were growing up and had different paths."Am I glad we didn’t have children together? She said: "I’m fortunate to be in a very good relationship at the moment which I’m enjoying. I’m not trying to raise a family or have a family."The 64-year-old star also admitted she's worried about dying, but does her best to stay young – both inside and out.Whilst Jane has not come forth with a precise reason for the dissolution of her marriage, she did speak out about it recently.When the split was announced in April 2013, the couple had already been separated for a few months and have been working on negotiating the terms of their divorce.But they also said that they would continue to co-parent their then underage sons, and that they would continue their business partnerships as well as continued charity collaborations.Jane then filed for legal separation in October 2013.

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