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Maryse has had a number of jobs in her lifetime before her retirement, including businesswoman, wrestling manager and even glamor model. The couple got hitched in the Bahamas, and now live in Los Angeles.

Marrisa was originally on Live Wire as a co-host, and then realized her aptitude was for the business world.

They even have their own insurance business now, so we think his crazy days are probably pretty much behind him now!

Most of us are pretty used to seeing Steve Austin in the media about his relationships, but it’s rarely been good news.

People who have been fans of the wrestling games for many years will remember Kane’s crazy pyrotechnics, sure to drive an audience to their feet in a frenzy.

But according to his wife Crystal Jacobs, he’s just a big softie underneath, with two daughters and a marriage which has lasted more than two decades together.

She may have never ended up with that assignment, if her career hadn’t taken her in that direction, with her start as a news reporter, and then an anchor, before becoming a WWE announcer.

A real movie-worthy love story, the history of this couple deserves to be on the big screen!

Michelle is a semi retired professional wrestler, and she also practices Krav Maga, israeli martial arts, in her spare time. This loved up pair will have been married for two years in November, and had one of the cutest starts to a relationship that we can remember.

Kim was a huge fan of Randy’s, and when she finally met her pin-up, the feeling was obviously pretty mutual!

You can see loads of photos and stories about the couple on social media, where Orton has said that his new bride makes “every aspect of his life more enjoyable”. You probably know that AJ Lee held the Divas Championship title for a record breaking 406 days, but did you know that she has also written a book?

Since she retired from wrestling in 2015, she wrote and published her memoir which covers a ton of interesting information about her background and her pro-wrestling career.

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