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Belief in god, like getting pregnant, is a private matter between consenting adults (or one consenting adult and one or more deities) and is no one else’s business.

I am on record in this blog (and have not budged an inch) as not objecting to any candidate’s religious views.

Right now we are in talks to rename the middle third of the Ed Burke theatre after Nessa Childers, and Chuck Feeney has acquired naming rights of all space within the Postgraduate Reading Room above a height of approximately 2.5 metres.” Nor do the provost’s develop- ments undermine only spatial limitations.

And he was right to remark (of the religious implications of abortion), “I don’t presume to be able to answer these kinds of theological questions.” Of course, it would be hard for Palin to follow this excellent policy, since it’s evident that almost her only qualification in the minds of Mc Cain & her family.Prendergast declared that this represented a new opportunity to raise much needed funds for the college and an opportunity to honour philanthropic gradu- ates.“We have been bound pre- viously by the limitations of architecture and conceptions of closed space.The Piranha is also a fully participating member of the Press Council of Ireland and supports the Offi ce of the Press Ombudsman.Serious complaints about the content should be addressed to The Editor, Regent House, Trinity College Dublin.

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