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yet we’re often totally unaware of how we’re portraying ourselves to other men, let alone women. Some guys brag and exaggerate, scheme and manipulate.

There are traits that can have a powerful drug-like effect on women. Some guys will hide skeletons and put only their best foot forward.

Good looks signal higher degrees of those traits after all, which is why they look “good” to begin with. It’s not like they can wait for a disaster to see if a guy can keep it together under pressure… So girls judge us based on things that are extremely hard to fake.

Without further ado, here’s my most research / study / illustration-filled article yet: It’s not about women being shallow and judging you just based on how hot you are, it’s about women being extremely and using your physique to give them clues about your genes, your lifestyle and your character. All women thus come programmed with the ability to pick out an attractive, healthy, strong, intelligent, honest man. Then, based on their social conditioning and media exposure, those abilities are slightly tweaked and “heightened” to match the society they live in.

This is great news for sexism, bad news for thinking you can get away with being a schlub.

they also admitted to caring a whole hell of a lot about their attractiveness.It’s no coincidence that business suits are designed to make men seem broader in the shoulders – constructed shoulders are the padded push-up bras of male culture.… Women respond to broad shoulders far more powerfully than men respond to babely breasts, making suits the more powerful of the two.You know that lustful feeling well cloven cleavage can instil in you?Some strong athletic masculine men convey them naturally, but I’ve always found that it pays to consciously know how we can improve, even if just to encourage ourselves to be the most that we can be. An attractive woman can’t give every single guy a chance—there isn’t enough time.That’s how us ectomorphs become strong athletic masculine men, after all. The benefits go all the way down to our bones*, improving our health, strength, intelligence, performance and mood. And they can’t bet their future on a man if they don’t know if he’s worth it or not.

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